Sunday, October 14, 2012

MCM Taper Craziness! 14 days to go!!!

Well, it's official. The taper crazies are a real thing!! I find myself counting down the days, questioning my readiness, and frequenting MCM blogs, videos, and web pages. I'm in obsessed mode. Planning out logistics and outfits, while juggling Daniel starting a new school, his birthday party, baseball practices, games, and end-of-year party, and swim classes. Oh yeah, and going back to work full-time.

I'm feeling crazy!! I feel like I need to run more miles, but it's taper time. Feeling sluggish in my runs now, eating horribly, and just sleepy :)  And Daniel is coughing and trying to share with me!!  Please don't buddy, love, your Mommy!!!

Just happy for my running groups for great support, clarity, sanity, and great laughs!!  Fun to know the craziness is shared by many moving into the last 14 days pre-race!!

What I do know:

1) I have the best running/training friend ever, who has NEVER missed a training/long run.
2) We've run 20 miles TWICE!  We've got this!
3)  Race day energy will be awesome!
4)  Lot of friends are coming to support us!

So 2 more weeks......and then I'll post this picture as my FB timeline picture :)  I know most ladies won't mind ;)