Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon

Due to a series of changes in events, I was able to sign up for this race.  I had been looking at it for awhile and was glad I got the chance to do this one!  The weather cooperated for us and actually felt chilly that morning.  What a difference from the races just days ago!!

It all started off with a 3:30am wake up.  Yeah, when does 3:30 ever sound like a good idea??  At least we were carpooling, so Debbie graciously came by and picked me up at home, and off we went to get Michelle and Crystal!   We got to the race start with plenty of time to spare.  No traffic at that hour ;)

You'd think that since we got there so early, we'd be right up to the start, right ?  Wrong.  We decided to make a last minute Port-o-Potty stop!  Check out those lines ! 

Port-o-Potty Lines.....

So when we were walking over the starting line, guess what?  LOL   The race started without us!  Can you say "thank you for chip timing??"!!   We ended up at the back of the pack with the walkers, so we were going to have some major weaving in and out of the crowds to do.  Crystal took this as a  "sign" to stay with me for the race.  I had NO complaints about that.  Company is always better!!

RMR Ladies before the Start

I was so thankful to have Crystal with me for this race.  I felt like I had a nice pace (faster than usual), but it wasn't killing me (yet).  This course was really pretty running through downtown Annapolis and over the Navy Memorial Bridge (twice)!  It was mostly an out and back course, so it was nice to see friendly faces on the return trip, but unfortunately you also knew those great downhills you just had were going to be your uphills soon enough.
Crystal & I made it our goal to find the photographers :)  We did LOL
Around Mile 10 (right before the next uphill over the bridge), I realized that I would PR if  I was able to keep the pace up.  Never should have mentioned that little fact to Crystal.  She was going to get me that PR now ;)!!    Her words "come on, we only have a 5K left"!  It was a "tough" 5K!  I think with 2 miles left, she said she was going to threaten that "I can't let her beat me to the finish" like she does her kids.  I said "see ya later" LOL  Yeah, it was getting tough to keep going!  But her pushing was what I needed to get through it.  And of course, to top off any "Crystal & Jenni" race, what is needed ???  That uphill finish!  #^%!@@#$!%

But thanks to a great running buddy and awesome friend, I got my PR of 2:09:48.

Our Finisher's Necklace (instead of a medal)
We finished :)  Love these ladies!!
The awesome ladies SBS and Dimity from Run Like a Mother & RMR.