Sunday, October 28, 2012

Marine Corps Marathon - Part 2 - On Course

Part 2 .... Now we're running....

So now we're off and running.  The first few miles really went fast.  There were so many people around and the course was beautiful.  Unfortunately my legs were really, really feeling the "burn" early on!  No running the week before let all that lactic acid build up. 

Right after the start!
Miles 2-4:  Here is where my muscles were burning, but the scenery was beautiful!  This is also where I got behind the Semper Fi Fund runner that had a prostetic leg.  I told myself right then to shut up about any pain I had!!  He was amazing!!   There was also a group of Marines marching the marathon with HUGE backpacks!  So in awe of them!

Headed into mile 3 !
Miles 6-8:  We were hitting the hilliest section of the course here, but we had a group come up behind us singing a Ke$ha song over and over.  "Your love, your love, your love, is my drug"  LOL  It was entertaining.  Then some girls in front of us screamed and jumped.  Well, if you know my history of running with Crystal, it means something scary in the road LOL   Well, it was a dead racoon we had to dodge!

Miles 9-10:  Headed through a heavily spectator lined area.  Lots of cowbell, cheering, and signs!!  At this point, I saw "Rock It Like This Hurricane".  Set the Scorpions song into my head for a good while!  LOL

Miles 11-15:  We got behind this group of runners, which was timely because around mile 12, my feet started to hurt.  "Embrace the Suck"   LOL   Running this section of the course was cool because there were signs on the side everywhere!  So we did a lot of reading and running.   I almost lost Crystal through one of the water stops, but luckily didn't!  

We followed "Embrace the Suck" around miles 12-15 through Hains Point.
Miles 16-18:  This section was around the Mall in DC.  Great sites to see, lots of spectators, etc!  Definitely was a great section to run.  We ended up running with the color guard flags for awhile too.  And we kept saying "only a couple more miles to our "party""!!

Somewhere between Mile 15-18.
Miles 19-20:  As much as we were getting tired, we knew we had an awesome support group waiting for us at Mile 20.  Our #1 Cheerleader, Tonya, was there with the Mile 20 group!  Crystal almost took her down with a huge hug when she saw her.  I did the same LOL   Then a quick picture, grabbed some snacks, and that was the BEST ice cold water bottle ever!!   This stop gave us the energy we needed to make it to "Beat the Bridge"!!

Our #1 Cheerleader at Mile 20
Mile 20 !!
Stay tuned for our finish......Part 3 coming up!!

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  1. This brings back so many great memories. My only regret during the MCM was not stopping at mile 20 to spend some time with the RFRC crew. I was driven to get to the finish by the time I reached them I just blew through getting a bunch of high fives.

    Next year I'll do better.