Saturday, July 13, 2013

Drenched 5K - July 13, 2013

Drenched 5K - July 13, 2013

The Drenched 5K was a new race that was held in Clarksburg, MD.  What better way to run a hot Summer July race, than to have water shot at you ??  Well, given it had rained for days with cooler temps, I was never so happy to see blue sky and sunshine!!
I met up with Elizabeth on race morning!  Always fun to have a friend along for races!  I don't think I ever race alone anymore :)
Elizabeth and me pre-race!

This race had a lot of energy at the start!  Great DJ, and having water balloons launched at us got the 1st wave pumped up and ready to go!  I decided since this was just a fun run, to go out in the 1st wave group.  That was the best decision as I saw later groups bottlenecked on course!

The 1st wave getting hosed!!  I'm in there! LOL

 The slip'n'slide was probably my favorite part of the course!  I slid right into the photographer (although I can't find the pictures :/)  But here is what I looked like after it LOL  Bubbles :)

After the race, I found Elizabeth (who finished her 1st 5K), and we headed back to the bubbles for some good photos and fun!

After I got home from the race, my husband helped set up a water trap for me.  The kids were really enjoying this WAY too much LOL

Michael barely let me get the car in the driveway before the attack!

The kids got good and "Drenched" before we called it a morning and went in for hot showers :)

So for anyone considering the Drenched 5K races, just make sure you go out in a very early wave.  They had a ton of bottlenecks for the later groups.  They needed more water features during the course, and they needed to tell the spectators to spread out !  Other than those issues, I had a great time with during the race, and then line dancing afterward, grabbing a beer and a hamburger, and just enjoying myself!