Monday, September 10, 2012

Market Street Mile

Let's just say I didn't go into this race in the right frame of mind - see post below LOL   But I decided to make sure I warmed up and stretched just to make sure I didn't injure myself for a 1 mile sprint down Market Street (ok, I don't really sprint, but you get the picture)!!

All ready to go with some of my favorite running buddies !!

And the women's race getting ready to start!

Women's Race Start

I felt good right into the race, went out a tad fast for me, so came back to comfortably fast (for me), and just focused on a "decent" mile time.  In the last 100 yrds, I saw the clock, but could only see the "minute" number because someone was blocking it.  Well it had a 7 as I was coming in!  What? 7 min something??  So I ran faster and finished with a 7:23 minute mile!  A new PR by 27 seconds!  I was so excited !!! 

After all the race heats finished, I was about to head out, but was reminded to stay for raffles.  Although I usually never win one of these things, I figured why not?   I won a lovely Outback Steakhouse gift basket with a certificate for dinner!  Awesome!  Glad I stayed now :)

My raffle winnings - Outback Steakhouse dinner
 So once again, I was about to head out, but they were getting ready to do age group awards.  Ummm, I don't place in age group......well, wrong.... I placed 2nd for my age group (35-39).  Woot!  Seriously try to wipe that smile off my face.  My first running trophy !  OMG awesome!!

2nd Place Age Group (35-39) :)

This was seriously what I needed to get my running mood back on track! 

The men's winner ran that mile in 4:27.... he was smokin' down Market Street!  The women's winner in 5:26!               
Watching people with speed like that is amazing!!

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