Saturday, May 26, 2012

Run Like 'Nun' Other - Memorial Weekend 5K

For starters, HUMID!! HOT!!! Miserable, but that was just how my body felt today. I woke up feeling crummy hoping I'd be better at the race. After running just under a mile with Michael, I wasn't sure how I was going to get thru a 5K :/. The sun was blaring, the course was grass and path (I personally don't like running on grass), no water stops (which I'm so happy I carried my own today), and then wanting to throw up once I was done. Not a stellar performance in my part as I finished in 30:05, but I'm happy with finishing. I had to take walk breaks and drink because I got lightheaded and ugh, the side stitch. Ok ok. Enough whining !!

Mile 1: 9:00
Mile 2: 9:57
Mile 3: 9:56
Point 1: 9:15 avg

I was off to a decent start...

For the good part - always great being with the RMR girls :). Happy to have so many friends to run with and whine to about bad race days ;)

Next race is Jeremy's Run on Memorial Day and the forecast is HOT!! I'm hydrating like crazy hoping to tackle the 10k without a repeat of today!!

We did get to see a hot air balloon come down before the race. That was a 'good' highlight of the day LOL

The hot air balloon landing was a big highlight :)
RMR Ladies - hot and sweaty after the race!

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