Monday, May 28, 2012

Jeremy's Run 10K

I'll start off with the "good" - as always, the RMR Ladies!  I really don't think I want to ever go to a race alone again!  These ladies are the best!!   And I got to meet up with my cousins I hadn't seen in forever beforehand too :)

Jeremy's Run is a race for a great cause, and since I got a great deal on the registration cost, I signed up for it back in January.....before I knew how HOT & HUMID it was going to be this weekend.  It actually felt "ok" temperature-wise when we got there, but slowly the sun burnt off the clouds.  The race started 30 minutes late giving the sun ample time to come out and make conditions brutal!  I actually did really well for the heat in the first 3 miles staying under a 10 min/mile.  The last 3.2 miles weren't so pretty.  Oh - and it was an out-and-back course, which was uphill most of the way back.  I walked more in this race than I ever have, finishing in my worst performance for a 10K at 1:04:18.  Even though its my worst time for a 10K, I'm very happy that I finished it, didn't throw up, and didn't pass out. 

Last HILL to the finish!  I'm in the pink on the right!
Then we headed to Starbucks for a lovely frozen coffee to make us feel better ;)!!

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