Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Run Like A Mother" Book Party

To sum up the book party in one word = AWESOME!

This was such a great event, and I'm so excited I was invited to attend.  And doubly happy that stars happened to align for me to attend while juggling work events, TBall, etc.  A busy day with a lot of miles on the road, but it was worth it!  It was so great to be surrounded by so many women in the running community that share the same love of RLAM! 

A little history.  The book Run Like a Mother came out in March 2011.  I had been running for about 6 months when a friend recommended the book to me.  I downloaded it on my Kindle and read it within a day or two.  I laughed, cried, commiserated, and totally felt like the authors, Sarah & Dimity,  "got me" and who I was as a wife, mother, and a runner!  They truly inspired me to keep running, providing awesome advice on their Facebook Page, and responding personally to questions posted on the site.  I remember buying my first RLAM shirt, "Are My Kids Still Chasing Me?" and getting a personal note from Sarah on the order slip.  I truly love how hands on they are, and how encouraging they are to all of us Mother Runners :)

Sarah, me, & Dimity
Shortly after this, our running group "Run Mama Run" was born.  Slowly building from 10, to 20, to now, close to 60 members.  This is a group I honestly have formed some friendships that I consider lifelong and bonded through our shared interests and struggles.  I used to be a solitary runner, but learned that running buddies are beyond priceless!!
So back to the event.  An awesome event hosted in a beautiful home, awesome food, drinks, book readings from Train Like A Mother, giveaways (which I won a $125 gift card - woot), the most awesome swag bag, and lots of laughs!!

I'm so thankful for the RLAM tribe!  And I remember something Dimity said last night that is so true.  It was in the context of  "I want running to be a forever thing, not just the next race or event".  I set goals to keep going, and I hope that running stays with me for as long as my body lets me !

A big thank you to Sarah & Dimity (and our host Courtenay) for an awesome event!

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