Sunday, February 26, 2012

RRCA 10 Mile Challenge

I was actually really looking forward to this race.  Well, until the cold front and high winds came in a couple days before it.  So spoiled by 50 and 60 degree Winter days this year, but it never seems to fail to be cold on the weekends for our long runs or races.  Oh well, shut up and run, like another wonderful Blogger usually says !!

This was the RRCA 10 Mile Challenge put on by the Howard County Striders Running Club.  They hosted all the running clubs in the Maryland-Washington, D.C. area.  The Frederick Steeplechasers had close to 50 runners in attendance.  So YAY for familiar faces and support.  And out of the Steeplechasers group, we had 4 RMR Ladies :)  Always better with close friends to suffer run along with you.

As the first few miles ticked off, Amy and I were feeling good, chatting along about anything and everything.  Made that fatal weather comment though.  I'll kick myself later!  (Never say "thank goodness the wind died down"!  Damn wind came back in those last miles).

The hill between 6-7 kicked my butt, but I kept trudging  running along.  And as much as I'm not a huge Eminem fan, his song "Till I Collapse" got my pace quicker in those last miles, and I refused to let this "challenging" course get the best of me!!  (Chanting to myself "this isn't Lewis, this isn't Lewis"!!)

Nothing better than Amy and Crystal yelling "it truly is all downhill from here" right at the finish line LOL!   Saw the clock, realized I was going to make my goal time and kicked in the last yards....

So, my 2nd 10 Mile Race in the books with a PR of 1:39:56.    Goal was 1:40:00.  Haha, just made it!!

Awesome "Run Mama Run" Ladies Post-Race

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