Saturday, February 4, 2012

John Lewis Memoral 10 Miler

When a Race Flyer has this "Because you love running wicked hills in freezing weather!  (It’s good for you!)", wouldn't you think to find another race ???  Nah, because Crystal and I had done nothing but run races that were all uphill in the snow both ways.....oh no, that's something else.  But seriously, the races we had run since November had been hilly and ending on uphills.  That's JUST NOT NICE!! 


Luckily the temperature was around 35 degrees and overcast, so not miserable.

This course starts on an uphill, goes for a few miles of rolling hills, then you get to the last 4 miles.  Not hills, but small mountains.  Oh my aching legs.....

This was a predicted time race, so I predicted finishing it in 1:45:00 given I had run it the weekend before (cursing the whole way).  Crystal and I finished in 1:43:16 & 1:43:18.  For those hills, I will take it!!!  

So, silly me thinks I want to conquer the Lewis course again.  I WILL one day run this whole thing without walking any of those hills/mountains gasping for air ;)  Hill training is good for you, right....right ????  Bueller, Bueller ????

Finishing the Lewis 10 Miler

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