Sunday, May 5, 2013

Frederick Running Festival - Team Relay

            This year I really wanted to run the Frederick Running Festival, but I didn't want to run the Half Marathon.  There were some Run, Mama, Run ladies doing their 1st Half that I wanted to support, so I asked Crystal if she would run the Team Relay with me instead.  This way it was just a fun run for both of us, and we could cheer on our running friends as well!!   And since the race was on Cinco De Mayo, Team Margarita Mama it is :)
When I run these days, I always have 2 precious angels on my mind!  This year I ran for Sophie and Madigan, and for Boston. 

Run, Mama, Run Ladies

I ran the first leg of the Team Relay, which is 7.9 (just call it 8 miles)!  Once I started running through downtown Frederick, I really felt light on my feet and energetic.  It was the fastest I've ever run 8 miles.  1 hour and 15 minutes was when I hit the relay point!.   From there, Crystal took on the last 5.2 miles!

RMR Ladies with the Gecko

Crystal flew for the last 5.2 miles and we ended up with a sub-2 hour Half Marathon!  Awesome!  Our official time was 1:57:19.   38th out of 104 Team Relay groups!  I would definitely run the relay again!  It was a no pressure, just for fun, race!!

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